Striving towards a mindful lifestyle….

Mindful, peaceful – those are things that I work towards in my chaotic world.  I decided to document my journey towards mindfulness as a way of helping myself and hopefully helping others along the way.  I am a woman, a mother of 2 (3-year-old boy and 9 month old girl), wife, daughter, entrepreneur, endurance athlete junkie, and student.  Writing that I just realized I am spinning too many plates and one is bound to fall soon!!  I struggle with the dichotomy of myself – the peaceful, earth friendly, happy-go-lucky, relaxed side and the type A, overachiever side.  These two personalities battle each other EVERY day.  I will be documenting my challenges, my successes and the funny stuff that just happens when you are married with children and seeking to be mindful and peaceful.

At peace at the foot of a glacier…