Life changing diagnosis

Well, my life has made a very sharp and drastic turn upside down and inside out….my husband was diagnosed with cancer and it has been a long and crazy couple of months.  It is a complicated story with lots of changes in diagnosis along the way so I am going to share this journey from my perspective as the wife of a patient and mother of two very young children 2 1/2 and almost 5 years old.   I hope this will help my sanity and maybe a few others who may stumble upon this as well.

Let me start by saying out loud that this sucks and it is amazing how hearing that 6 letter word can bring you to your knees and change your life in so many ways… Terrifying, yes but you learn a lot about yourself and the people around you…. More to come on this

We were settling into our new home (to which we had moved 2 months prior) and my husband started to have a pain in his lower abdomen that he thought might be a hernia. I had to go out of town and returned the day he was admitted to the hospital… They had done an ultrasound and found the tumor but there were no other symptoms… Not even in bloodwork…. He ended up getting a stent from his kidney to his bladder to try to stop the pain which was quickly becoming unbearable but it only seemed to worsen the pain. Then we were referred to another doctor in another area and had to crash with family for a while.

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