My blog has changed as do many and although it is still about my journey to peace and mindfulness in this chaotic world now it is an account of the experiences my family has had once my husband was diagnosed with cancer. These are my experiences and perceptions of cancer through my eyes as the “caretaker”, soulmate, partner in life of the patient.

Mindful, peaceful – those are things that I work towards in my chaotic world.  I decided to document my journey towards mindfulness as a way of helping myself and hopefully helping others along the way.  I am a woman, a mother of 2 (5-year-old boy and 3 year old girl), wife, daughter, entrepreneur, endurance athlete junkie, and student.  I struggle with the dichotomy of myself – the peaceful, earth friendly, happy-go-lucky, relaxed side and the type A, overachiever side.  These two personalities battle each other EVERY day. 

I hope to share stories that will allow me to open my world and hopefully reach others in similar situations.  What we all go through is worth sharing – sometimes we all  feel alone or that others just won’t understand – BUT you aren’t and others have been through similar situations, can offer support and love and just plain old make you feel more normal!  Not only am I am mom of 2 amazing children, I lost my mom to Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) much too soon (she was 65) and I was 33 (and 7 months pregnant), my husband travels 40-50% of the time and we live in an area where we have zero family support.  I will be documenting my challenges, my successes and the funny stuff that just happens in life and all the while seeking to be mindful and peaceful.

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