Holidays… give the simple things… love and hugs

Much of our health is a result of our actions (cause and effect) which can be conscious or subconscious, feelings, emotions, binge eating, taking on too much, stressing out our system and not replenishing with proper nutrients to repair, rebuild, and heal our bodies from the inside out.  It is tough, in our society, to find the time to relax, take a moment, eat something mindfully, enjoy the tastes and textures of whole foods, enjoy our partners, families, children, friends, ourselves… we often never take time for ourselves…. There are ways to work these in to our hectic schedules by tweaking a few things here and there and realizing that somethings are ok left until tomorrow.  Moments are meant to be enjoyed… Be present.  Each moment is a gift.

This is especially true during the holidays.  We are often running here and there more than normal (if that is possible), finding a gift for Aunt Suzie at the last-minute because we didn’t know she was going to be at the holiday get together or whipping up cookies at the last-minute because we feel obligated.  STOP the madness… Breathe, Breathe again and think about what would really be wonderful or that Aunt Suzie may just be happy if you sit and talk with her one on one and really LISTEN to her, acknowledge her and show the love!  It is amazing how many people, especially our elders who do not get enough one on one interaction, enough hugs, enough tender, loving care and attention.

So, during this holiday try to give the gifts that are simple, less stressful, more needed and remembered… not the ones made in China, polluting our planet and thrown in a closet to collect dust.  A hug and time together is most important.